Amulets by AC Chum Chaikiri

Being a collector of amulets of Pattalung, the name of AC Chum Chaikiri is famous & well known in the history. Studied in Wat Kao Or (the Shaolin in Southern Thai, ‘School Of Magic’). Made numerous amulets that covered all aspects of kronkrappan (against gun & knives), Klew Klaad (avoid danger & black magic), Metta (loving-kindness) & Chok Lup (luck). Showing some personal items belonging to AC Keow.

AC Chum Rian 1st Batch, consercated in BE 2517

 AC Chum rian 2nd batch, consercated in BE2518 (the material is special precious metals & cooled with holy water)

 Mitmor, consercated in BE2519

 Chanting Beads (108) , made of 108 Herbs (Wahn). Consercated by AC Chum & Arjahn Gong in BE 2519

Khunpeng (Small mold) , BE2511

Khunpeng (Large mold), BE2511


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